I write fiction for children, young adults (and other people as well.) 
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I was born and raised in Northern Virginia, very close to Washington DC. I have studied, worked, and traveled all over the world and yet I now live only 10 minutes from the house I grew up in.

I am the youngest of four daughters. It took me a while to talk because everyone always knew what I wanted so I didn’t bother saying anything. When I was two or three, my mother shared her concerns about my not talking with my pediatrician. In the middle of their conversation, I pointed to an open drawer and said firmly: “Shut that drawer!” They decided I was fine.

I live with my husband, two daughters, two cats (Chloe and Nikki) and our little dog (an Italian Greyhound named Lola), who tattle-tales on the cats when they are doing something bad. We think she thinks she is a cat - the Alpha Cat.