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Two things that I love are travel and writing. I often (but not exclusively) base my stories on my experience living or traveling overseas.

I spent my junior year in high school at a girls' international boarding school in Lausanne, Switzerland. A lot happened to me that year, so I wrote a short story titled C’est l’Heure. It was published in the Chrysalis Reader (2013.) 

I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in the eastern French-speaking province of Cameroon. The little town that I lived in was called Abong-Mbang, which is pronounced “A-boon-bong.” Serving in the Peace Corps has been one of my proudest accomplishments. I have two stories that I wrote based on my time in Cameroon: Development Is Down This Road (first published in 1992) and This Color Is My Skin (1997).

Currently, I am working on a young adult novel based on my experience in Switzerland. I also write picture books and short stories.